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Happy Grad trip! (Taken with instagram)

On the bus again… (Taken with instagram)

Sea World! (Taken with instagram)

Everybody’s having fun! (Taken with instagram)

This is the link to the youtube search results for the Leonardo da Vinci documentary we previewed in class.  Watch as many of the episodes as you can to help you with the homework assignment.


Theme Test Tomorrow

Math: Spend at least 15 minutes on Khan Academy and IXL every night!

Ch10 test signed and Returned

11-4  #4-9 (all)

11-5 #4-13 (all)

11-7 #3-7 (all)

11-6 #2-9 (all)

MWS 11-3


Rewrite the “Wednesday Week 4” paragraph

Proofread Thursday

If I have approved your outline, you may begin writing your first draft.  

Science: Notebook assignment

Social Studies: Outline Chapter 10 lesson 1, 2 & 3

Complete the Historical Maps Worksheet (if you want to look at the maps we saw in class today check out the page of links in the sidebar


Spelling/Vocab: Chapter 32 test on Tuesday signed. corrected, and returned; WB 148-151

Art: Complete the Grid of Steve Jobs (or a different famous portrait) by next Friday.

If you need help you can look here

Computer:  Is your Dolphin finished?

PE:  The Grade 6 Water Balloon fight is scheduled for 5/29.   Do not forget to bring your change of clothes and a towel!

From Eyewitness to History.